About us
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About us

Vector Blau since 1967

At Vector Blau, we insist on giving added value to our work and always looking for customer satisfaction. Therefore, we carry out:
· Installation projects in sync with property, architecture and decoration team
· Hyper-detailed measurements to contract at the optimal price.
· Participation in the contracting and negotiation with industrialists and construction companies.
· Comprehensive monitoring of work and certifications.
· Continuity until completion of work, start-up and legalizations.

Mr. Jeroni Cabot founded Cabot Consulting more than 40 years ago. A pioneer in hotel installations, he implemented a multitude of new technical solutions to reduce consumption and save energy. He participated in the arrival of Ashrae in Spain and in the founding of Atecyr. His signature, and the quality of the work have been evident in the large number of facilities he has developed.
In 2006, Carlos Gutiérrez and Toni Vila joined the engineering firm. The new team consolidates Cabot Proyectos SLP as a reference engineering, between 2006 and 2020.
In 2020, the company was reconfigured to adapt to the circumstances, it was renamed Vector Blau Project SLP, and Toni Vila and Carlos Gutiérrez were in charge.
The technical team continues today with the same philosophy, enthusiasm and quality printed by the founder. Counting on the experience of the past and always trying to improve.

Specialized In Hotels, Homes And Buildings

Follow-up of the project from start to finish.

Installation projects and execution control.

Renewable energy and energetic efficiency.

Air conditioning and ventilation. Adaptation to COVID19.

Plumbing and sanitation.

Low voltage.

Medium voltage.

Special facilities.

Home automation.


Self-protection plans.


Obtaining Subsidies.

All kinds of facility developments.